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Elizabeth Norton
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About the Cape May County Health Department

May 1, 2021 woodbine
*Originally posted on Facebook on Oct 4, 2020*
For the people that are inboxing me saying “just call the health department” let me assure you I have.  (This is something I have been working on for a very very long time.)
Don’t be fooled by the hula hoops or the scar line in the back of my head…… 
I know what I know because I have taken the time to learn what I can about septics, how they should function, how far away they should be from playgrounds and buildings…… and how they shouldn’t cause school buildings to close, forfeiting learning.
I would love to publically sit down and compare the schools documents to mine.  (I have quite a few) I would love to ask the validity of a permit that can only be found on paper and not in any state system. 🤔
I would love to ask an expert if the violations I am finding are actual true indicators that the system is failing. 
Most of all, I would love to be over this but I can’t.  
The kids that may return to learning in that building are my why.  If anyone wants to sit here and question my posts or ask me if I have a “hidden agenda” let me be clear…… 
……there is nothing hidden about my agenda.  I want the kids to not play around the septic at recess.  I want the kids to have a clean room to learn math with a cleaning crew committed to sanitation, especially in the Corona era.  
I want, with all of my heart, that the meals that are getting made in the kitchen to be healthy and nutritious made with clean water. (lead issues? septic drainage issues? How is anyone ok with this? Maybe it’s because at this point I know more than most) 
It’s time to move forward so I will push. 
Do I enjoy posting this to Facebook? No!  Do I need people in my town to read my posts and hear my heart? Yup.  
So I will post when necessary.  I will talk about septic tanks when I need to and I will never stop looking for a legal expert to help me figure out how, in 2020, an entire student body is being hidden in the woods learning in these types of conditions and everyone be ok with it. 

I would love to have an open and honest conversation about these issues but because the presence of my own particular town doesn’t really exist in the online space in a public format I can not. 
For the curiosity of many I am providing you with a screen shot.  
Don’t underestimate my intelligence……
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