Elizabeth Norton
A Champion of Hope for a Far Better World
Elizabeth Norton
A Champion of Hope for a Far Better World
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Dear Media, (and every reporter on freelance that I have emailed)

January 5, 2021 woodbine
Me: There is child trafficking in Woodbine.
Media: ………………..
…..Silence is the comment that widens the cracks enough for children to slip through……

Where are you at? Where?
If you are ok with modern forms of slavery, leaking sewage into the street, school board members being bribed, and lead in the water ……at the only learning institution that children in an area have as an option I WANT OUT.  I want nothing to do with your media publication. Unsubsribe, block, delete, report as spam, turn my mailbox upside down in protest! 
When the proof suits you and “you” have enough evidence (because my word is not enough……)
It will be time to gather and morn all of the children that have passed by while you looked the other way.  The police, teachers, and so many others who are ALSO at fault for allowing children exploited for sexual pleasure or a labor resource will BE THERE! 
You aren’t alone in a sea of guilt. We all have been, it seems, allowed to look the other way. It will be time to light the candles in remembrance for of all the lives that WE have let slip by.  Those children are the ones that deserve peace right now! Remember them. 
Candles will need to be lit but nothing will bring back the children that so many people had a chance to slip by. We need to start holding them accountable.
Do the wise thing. 
I thought we already knew slavery was wrong but I guess we have to relearn. I can only be in charge of how I reACT to these problems.  But I am pleading that when I find Zulia for you to change.  You, me, blue, and black for all that have had any part in this.  We all have our excuses……our excuse usually sounds like “but my family!” The corruption goes deep and I must say that I fear almost everyone has played a part in looking the other way.  (The problem is I saw a whole community do this for over 3 years.  That makes me so angry.) 

It’s time to make a good change moving forward. 

How will you ReACT to the news that slavery still exists? 
Will you be flexible and change? Will you admit your own fault and move forward?
Will you deny it?
Will you fight to keep it working? 
We all have a choice to make.  Make a wise choice because how you reACT will make all of the difference in the days to come.
Light your candle for today, change your ways for tomorrow, learn and relearn from our yesterdays. 
and always try to make wise choices….. 

Even. Me. 

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