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Elizabeth Norton
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Who is Zulia? (condensed)

October 26, 2023 woodbine

Who is Zulia?

Zulia was a child that I saw amongst many children that were part of a child trafficking ring. Zulia was the only child who had a name. 

On Oct 26 of 2019, during a week known as red week at WES, I was introduced to a child trafficking ring.  The first time I saw the ring in motion was in 2009.  It was in 2019 that I was introduced to the “Janitor’s Children” who were obviously not the janitors offspring but what appeared to be a “batch” of children ages 1-12.

They appeared to be South American descent. 

Divided by gender, boys were on the janitor’s office floor and the girls were stationed in the back seat of a car near “the office.” All of the children appeared to be drugged up and silent. These children were dressed in WES school attire but were seemingly on their own and not attending classes. High traffic to the janitors office occurred during school dismissal time. It was at this time that I saw “The Children in the Pictures.”

After a brief walk down the hall with the superintendent I was introduced to Zulia. She was not drugged up like the others but was, like the others, searching for her mother with her eyes. All of the children I saw that day seemed dehydrated and eerily quiet. 

It was as this point that I encouraged the adults in the room to make wise choices.  I intended to come back at some point, look for every child, and write about Zulia(sometimes pronounced Zu-Leah) after I finished proving the septic tanks were hazardous.  

I have no idea where Zulia is but I do believe that there was an investigation and surveillance going on at the time of our introduction. I pray that all of the children are present and accounted for in Witness Protection.  I had absolutely no involvement with the investigation that was happening around me while I held a seat on the Woodbine Board of Education.  Because of this, I believe, I am one of the only people that can speak freely about Zulia and the others.  A few select adults may want to talk about child trafficking at Woodbine Elementary School but can not because they may be working with the DA and are not legally allowed to.

The ring itself is embedded into the government utilizing a title one school, fake foster parents, and a few corrupt police officers(New Jersey State Police) to keep the ring moving. 

I only know what I have lived, and have seen, through the last 12 years watching the ring operate.  Just like all of my other blog entries I blog what I have lived.  I have never had to prove what I have lived through up to this point.  I wish, in hindsight, that I would have taken pictures but in the end I knew that had I stopped to take pictures I may have been in an unsafe situation.  Though I am committed to helping close the ring that is running in the Woodbine Elementary School I am more committed to making it home to care and love the children that belong to me and call me Mom.

I volunteered to expose the ring and use social media to tell Zulia’s story because the local newspaper is involved. I am not a reporter.  I am a writer and lifestyle blogger.  I blog about my life and have done so for the last 12 years. This story, like every other one up to this point, is from my view point.

I pray that this case will no longer be undercover so that other view points can be taken into account. Until than, know that I remain firm on the belief that modern slavery is still slavery.  Pediphilia is a horrible part of our society and that NO CHILD should have to learn in the Conditions forced upon them in their learning institution like Woodbine Elementary School. 

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