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A Champion of Hope for a Far Better World
Elizabeth Norton
A Champion of Hope for a Far Better World
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Child Trafficking isn’t just a “woodbine” Issue

*Originally posted on Facebook Dec 9, 2020*
I was talking with a friend last night and it FINALLY occurred to me that this doesn’t really effect me as much as it once did.  This is a public education issue.  This is a state police issue. My younger kids are at a private school and my oldest child, the child I “toured” with when I met the janitor’s kids for the first time, will be graduating this year.  12 years later.  My seat on the board of education term is up.
I could shut up about this.  I could hide because I am scared. I could say “It’s none of my business.”  I could say “not my problem.”  I could look the other way.
In the end this is far wider than WOODBINE ever was and spreads far.  I know this is truth.
Many of you will know, when it comes to me being quiet it’s a struggle, especially when concerning children.
I know my voice is strong but it’s obviously not strong enough.  If it was, ZuLia would be in my arms instead of ………… (I don’t know where she is and I can’t find her mother) 
I have told the story, as much of it that I have lived. This ring is very complex and has many layers and involves a lot of people.
I am leaving this story in your court.  My posts are up.  My blog has recaps and some images.   There is a lot of children running through it and none of it will stop until enough people are outraged. I am only 1.  The New Jersey State Police need to do their job starting now.
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