Elizabeth Norton
A Champion of Hope for a Far Better World
Elizabeth Norton
A Champion of Hope for a Far Better World
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The Many Reasons Family Unity Should be a Priority

December 21, 2020 Uncategorized

I know that everyone is so busy out there trying to make sure their family is taken care of. It’s hard to find a balance between family time and working to pay the bills.

I get it.

The problem with this is that your family suffers tremendously when you’re always living that busy lifestyle. We all have basic needs such as food, water, shelter, and clothing but what if I told you that family unity should be included in those priorities?

Would you nod in agreement, but do little to make it a priority?

I feel many of you would. It’s not easy to see a solution when you’re already drowning in work just to keep a roof over your family’s head, food on the table, and heat in the home.

It doesn’t sound easy to make family unity a top priority, but it is pretty easy. Just the smallest gesture or time spent with your family can make a huge difference. I’m going to show you the many reasons family unity should be a priority and share some simple ways you can start placing family unity up there in your list of basic needs for your household.

Family Unity Should be a Priority because…….

• Family is forever.
• Encourages high self-esteem.
• Strengthens family bond. 
• Helps family members have more compassion. 
• Helps family members have more empathy.
• You’ll always have a team to face any challenge. 
• Children thrive in a united family unit. 
• Fosters empathetic and grateful children. 

How Can You Make Family Unity a Priority?

That’s somewhat easy! It’s best to start placing family unity as a priority when your children are younger because as they enter the teenage years it becomes a little more difficult to force the connection. Note, I said ‘difficult’ not ‘impossible’.

Unique Ways to Enjoy Family Time for Maximum Family Unity

• Spend quality time at Cape May Beach.
• Go outside daily together. 
• Take up running and hit the beach together for a jog up and down the Wildwood Beaches
Learn how to shell hunt and start a collection together.  – good place to start for this is the Stone Harbor Beach, in Stone Harbor, NJ.
• Take a road trip every week.
• Try a new hobby or learn a new skill together. (like hula hooping.)

Talk with your family to see what type of activities they enjoy. You might find that everyone wants to try something new, like doing the hula. Maybe one kid wants to learn how to ski and another wants to learn how to rollerblade. Make a list of activities or hobbies that interest your family. Take time every week to plan out one day of new activities to enjoy together.

As you can see making family unity a priority isn’t as impossible as you may have thought before reading my tips. Having a united family helps each member of the household feel valued, appreciated, and happy. When you have a household full of valued, appreciated, and happy people you tend to enjoy life a bit better, especially when stressful situations arise.

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