Elizabeth Norton
A Champion of Hope for a Far Better World
Elizabeth Norton
A Champion of Hope for a Far Better World
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I believe

November 12, 2020 Uncategorized

I believe that every tree is an adventure waiting to be climbed and discovered.

I believe that animals are some of the best teachers on this planet.

I believe that rocks are meant to be found, meant to be skipped across the water.

I believe dancing can open doors and ease pain.

I believe fresh air can heal your soul.

I believe salt water can heal your skin.

I believe that good quality dirt is one of our greatest resource this planet has to offer.

I believe that rain is magical.

I believe puddles were meant to be jumped in.

I believe that clouds are meant to be stared at, create philosophical conversations over, and spark the imagination.

I believe that walking on the sand can filter your perspectives and align your priorities.

I believe that controlled fire is a beautiful thing.

I believe that friendship is the worlds greatest treasure. 

I believe in the journey, hope, and possibility of a perfect world.

I believe the ocean is one way to understanding,  for it connects us all.

I believe it is our responsibility to look out for those that can’t look out for themselves. 

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