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A Champion of Hope for a Far Better World
Elizabeth Norton
A Champion of Hope for a Far Better World
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Finding ZuLia- A Recap up to this point in time

November 29, 2020 woodbine
What if I told you that I know this is also happening in YOUR TOWN?  WOULD YOU CARE THEN? 
(FOR THOSE THAT ARE LOCAL….. I can ask you this question.  THE DIFFERENCE IS THAT I KNOW THE ANSWER. I hate the answer but I know it.😒) 
This is an ugly truth about our world.  Corruption, Selfish pervertion and greed!  Its happening here in Cape May County.  
Look! I know my heart.  I trust it.  I know pain and trials.   When I am standing next to a child I can tell if they are loved or if their soul is wounded AND “usually” I am right. I am good at getting children to stop crying. I think many of us are if we love that child enough.
If you know any piece of me you will know that when I set my mind to something its set.  I usually never waiver so when I need to find the truth, I will and I have.  I know the truth.  Its a truth that I believe I am called to reveal.
If you know my heart, which many of you do, you know that this is truth.  Its a hard truth but truth the same.
Some days when I think about this I wonder if I too would rather think I am crazy than right. 
These are the FACTS you all should know….
-The state police have NEVER asked me what Zulia looked like despite me reporting her missing. I am still waiting to give a description.  
-CPS does not have ANY record of a Zulia despite a Teacher(who I love, there are many) told me she was a “foster child” of a foster parent that I have NEVER met.
-On October 29, 2018 the septic system backed up down the hallways and into the classroom imperminating the building for weeks, (some say still) yet the school remains open and that whole day was covered up so deep that it took me months of undigging to prove. (but I did, see other posts from OPRA reports)
Who wants that school open? Why? And WHY HAVENT THE POLICE ASKED ME WHAT Zulia LOOKS LIKE?
I am allowed to ask these questions.  
I am praying for you so very very very hard today and every day.  There is a little girl in this house that wants to have a play date with you and her favorite teachers.
Me (a stranger that cares) 
New Jersey State Police I am requesting that a wellness check be done on Zulia. I trust that the teacher and administrator from the Woodbine Elementary School Preschool Program will have all the info required to find her and make sure she is safe with her parents. 
Why is Woodbine Elementary School in operation?  Does anyone know?
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